I’m a husband to a wonderful wife and we have 2 amazing boys together. They are my motivation every time I pick up my camera and definitely the pride and joy in my life. 

I consider myself a fine art wedding photographer, as that is exactly what I strive to be. I am a true perfectionist, who makes an incredible effort to implement all of the important aspects of photography into each image, in a creative and artistic manner. My aim is to capture weddings in the most natural, yet beautiful way possible.

I love connecting with my couples and their guests, getting to know each other and laughing throughout the day. For me it is really important that my clients are comfortable around me, because only then they can truly be themselves, right? I’m confident in saying that I have managed to do this with every couple I have had the pleasure of photographing and I’ve remained friends with all of them to this day. One of the many reasons that make my job so awesome!

What do I consider makes a great photo? Beautiful light, great timing and true emotion, which is what you will see me searching for throughout your wedding day. Beautiful and honest photos are the ones you will treasure the most when you look back on them in the future. My aim is for the viewer of your photographs to feel present in the moment each photo holds, even if they were not able to make it to the wedding.

I hope you enjoy looking through my work and if you like my style, then please feel free to get in touch. Id love to hear from you!

Daniel James

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